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Self-Makeup Course

150€ per course


Unlock the secrets to your beauty with my personalized makeup courses, where I guide you through the artistry of makeup. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, these private courses are tailored just for you.


- Individual Course: 150€

- Travel Cost: May apply based on location

How It Works:

Step 1: Schedule Your Course

Contact me to schedule your private makeup course. We’ll find the perfect time for you.

Step 2: Setup at Home

Relax in the comfort of your home as I bring my expertise to you. I provide a mobile service, ensuring you feel at ease in your familiar surroundings.

Step 3: Personalized Instruction

Discover the techniques and products that suit your unique features. I provide step-by-step guidance, sharing tips and tricks to enhance your natural beauty.

Step 4: Hands-On Practice

Put your new skills into action with hands-on practice. Learn to create everyday looks or elevate your glam for special occasions.

Course Highlights:

- Comprehensive understanding of makeup basics

- Personalized beauty tips and tricks

- Hands-on practice for real-life application

- Tailored courses based on your skill level and preferences

What to Expect During the Course:

Your private course lasts for 3 hours and is divided into 4 parts: theory, an analysis of your makeup kit, personalized advice based on your skin type, morphology, and style adaptation. I’ll apply makeup to one half of your face, and you’ll apply it to the other under my attentive guidance, followed by corrections. I provide my professional equipment and products for use during the course.

Choose me to be your makeup mentor, and let’s explore the world of beauty together.

I bring the artistry of makeup to you.

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