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The One Behind The Brush



I'm Galina, your dedicated makeup and hair artist for all your beauty needs.

If you've been searching for the finest in the industry, look no further!


From elegant updos to stunning makeup looks, I specialize in creating the perfect style for any occasion - be it a wedding, photo shoot, children's birthday, or any special event.

With a passion for enhancing natural beauty, I transform every client into their most radiant self. Explore my portfolio and let me bring your beauty vision to life.

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My Story

As a child, I dreamt of becoming a plastic surgeon and even studied in a medical class while attending medical college. However, life led me down a different path. After finishing school, I graduated from university with a master's degree in economics and worked as an accountant.

My love for makeup started early, often earning remarks from my school principal to wash off my creative looks. Despite the years passing, my desire to create and bring beauty into the world only grew stronger. My passion for beauty never faded.

Today, as a makeup artist and a graduate of the Make Up For Ever Academy in Brussels, I feel truly at home and find immense joy in my work. My journey shows how interests can evolve and underscores the importance of following your passion. Now, I am in the right place, doing what I love.

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Enterprise number : 0804.063.286

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